Petrozchemā€™s specialised units include offshore accommodation modular, mini containers, workshop container, Opentop Copntainers and bottle racks. These units are built to meet DNV 2.7-1 standard to suit the harshest offshore conditions.

Product Range Includes:

      • Mini Containers
      • 3m Dry Goods Containers
      • 6m Dry Goods Containers
      • 3m & 6m Open Top Containers
      • 3m & 6m Workshop Containers
      • Tote Tank Lifting Frames
      • Cargo Baskets
      • Waste Skips

    All fleets are DNV 2.7-1 Certified.







Offshore Containers-01   Offshore Containers-03
6X6X9 Shelfed Mini Container

3m Dry Goods Container


Offshore Containers-07

Offshore Containers-04

3m Open Top Container


12m Dry Goods Container



Offshore Containers-09

Offshore Containers-10

6m Open Top Container 3m Waste Skip
Offshore Containers-08

Offshore Containers-06

16 Cylinder Gas Bottel Rack


6m Workshop Container / Rigging Loft




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