Petrozchem sells pre-owned as well as newly built ISO tank containers. In the scope of its products and services it advocates the principle of giving customers options to make informed choices!


Petrozchem supplies good quality pre owned Portable ISO tanks mostly just below or above ‘midway their life cycle’ generally considered to be a minimum of 30 years. Whereas these tank containers are unlikely going to trump the ‘cheapest’ offer.

We possess knowledge and expertise across tank container manufacture, repairs & maintenance, logistics, and tank container leasing. Petrozchem positions itself as having the capacity to ‘get it right first time’ and customers need not ‘fly blind'. Our tank containers come with a Tank container Fitness Attestation, that includes Dial Life Cycle, a gauge complete with indicator that points to the estimated residual life span! This is a Petrozchem undertaking validated by independent inspection report called ‘Consolidated Inspection Report, issued by recognised third party inspection agency such as BV.




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