Floating Liquid Mud Plant - FLMP

A Floating Liquid Mud Plant/Barge or FLMP in short is a vessel which provides services in terms of stroring and mixing liquid mud. The demand for its service largely on offshore exploration and drilling activities.


Floating Liquid Mud Plant barge provides large mud storage and mixing facilities right in the middle of the oilfiled serving multiple rings simultaneouly. We are one of the most experienced engineering company when it comes to Floating Liquid Mud Plant. Our design is custom based on client's needs. Floating Mud Plants can reduce the average drilling fluid deivery cycle from 3 days (base to Rig) to 0.5 Day (in-Field YTransport). The sysetm meets Zero condomination requirements with complete isolation between Mud and Brine System.




  • Reduce the average drilling fluid delivery cycle from 3 days to 0.5 Day
  • Cost effective compared to supply vessels and land based mud plants
  • Quickly reconditioning used mud for immediate reuse
  • Direct deployment in the field supporting multiple rigs


      • Mud availability in -field
      • Better mud consistancy
      • Reduced delivery times
      • Operational reliability
      • Huge savings on supply cost
      • Customized mud for every operation
      • Reduced reliance on supply vessels











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