We provide multi-disciplinary EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning) services with a successful track record for the Oil & Gas industry.


We have been involved in the design an fabrication of Liquid Mud Plants (LMP) for the last 5 years. Over this period we have gained significant knowledge and design experience in the planning, design and execution of the larger scale projects succesfully.


Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning are vital steps that can save time and effort. Additionally, they make a project easy to coordinate and monitor for effective execution of a project. Consolidating and integrating these phases reduce costs and minimise risks while ensuring the safety and solidity of a construction.

Our strength is to fast track EPCC projects in a cost-effective manner and built according to the highest quality of standards. We are focused on meeting our clients’ expectations, emphasising on confidence, teamwork, technical expertise and value, in every aspects of our projects.


Our range of service Includes:

      • Design and Conceptualizing
      • Manufacturing and Assembly
      • Installation and Commissoining
      • Engineering and Construction
      • Complete Project Management







Modular Liquid Mud Plant



Our modular liquid mud plants provide a full array of scalable fluids, mixing equipment and facilities to meet remote operational requirements while eliminating the cost, extended lead time and specialized shipping associated with conventional fluids plants. Each Modular unit is designed to ship as standard ocean freight. Plant configuration is scalable with interchangeable tanks and manifolds, and a reduced footprint made possible by the plant’s battery configuration and the positioning of storage tanks.


Equipment includes a laboratory, generator, mixing tanks, motor control center and any number of our modular Tank unit. Among their advantages, Tanks come with agitation and high-frequency radar sensors, enabling remote tank-level readouts and/or on-site readouts through a sensor mounted at eye level on the tank. Once tanks arrive on location, they can be erected in interlocked groups, using safe, off-the-shelf container locks provided with each unit



      • The mobile liquid-mud plant is fully customizable, for adaptability to specific project requirements
      • The system is designed to 20-ft (6m) and 40-ft (12m) container sizes
      • Modules can be stacked three units high, ensuring a smaller storage footprint



  Modular mud plant 09
  Modular mud plant 10

Modular mud plant-06

  Modular mud plant-07





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